Laundry Services

AT Your Service Horse Blanket Service washes and line dries your horseware according to manufacturer's directions using only non-detergent soap that will not damage waterproofing.  We vacuum, pre-wash by hand, and inspect your horseware for damage prior to machine laundering.  We stabilize any tears to prevent further damage during the machine washing process.  No....there is no such thing as too dirty for us to tackle......but there will be a small extra charge for blankets that come with excessivly matted hair.


We line dry all blankets per manufacturer's instructions.


Remember, no repairs can be performed on dirty horseware.  Laundering is required prior to repair.  

Turn-Out Blanket

Blankets:  $19.00

Blankets come in all styles and sizes, for use in the stable or for turnout.  However, they all have one thing in common:  fill.  The fiberfill or polar fleece used requires special care during laundering and extra time to dry thorougly.  There will be a small charge for laundering matching hoods and neckpieces.  


AT Your Service Blanket Service is equipped to handle your bulkiest blankets and get them back to you fresh and ready to use.  

Turn-Out Sheet

Sheets:  $12.00


Sheets may be one or two layers, but they differ from blankets by having no fill.  There will be a small extra charge for laundering matching hoods and neck pieces.  

Neck cover

Hoods and Neck Covers:  $5.00




There will be a small extra charge for laundering hoods and neckpieces, both attached or separate.    

Seal in a Storage Bag:  $1.50


Laundered blanket or sheet neatly folded and sealed in a zippered breathable plastic storage bag for summer storage (each) while available.  We have a limited number available in all sizes.    

Cleaning and Repair Tag
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